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Wrinkled Blanket Media is dedicated to capturing the essence and beauty of the story you want to share. Whether it is the excitement of your engagement, the joy of your wedding day, the anticipation of growing your family, or the celebration of your life together, Wrinkled Blanket Media uses cinematic style and techniques to best serve your story.

Our story:
It's a classic tale of boy meets girl in a coffee shop and then fall in love. No, this isn't the "meet cute" at the beginning of a Rom-Com. This is how Wrinkled Blanket Media came to be. Cue Tall Blonde guy walking in to a coffee shop, sees Brunette Girl working on her laptop and strikes up conversation. They discuss movies and books. His favorite book "Blankets" by Craig Thompson. Her favorite book "A Wrinkle of Time" By Madeline L'Engle...see where this is going?

Cut to a year and a half later and Tall Blonde is unhappy at work. He's reached a creative ceiling there. Brunette Girl encourages Tall Blonde to pursue his own business making wedding films in a cinematic style. The idea grows and soon they have an opportunity to shoot their friends' wedding.  The rest, as they say, is history.

BILLY: Head Cinematographer & Editor

Billy has been shooting and editing videos for more than half his life. Realizing that beyond his great love for music his true passion lies in telling stories, he moved to NC to study filmmaking. He was hired right out of college with a production company working on movies and a variety of television series for 5 years. Wedding films were never something he thought he would love making so much...until he started making them.



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DYANA: Cinematographer & Supporter of Dreams

Dyana has always had a love of the creative arts, although she didn't pursue that love until later in life. She is a mom to three amazing kids, who have been her main focus, but as they've grown older, her love of stories has grown from reading books to telling stories herself through the medium of cinematography.



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You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 919-576-0411!